Monday, 9 August 2010

jug and bowl with window

jug and bowl with window, originally uploaded by bernsul.

This is another 3d model work in progress. Not sure if I will put in a window and curtains, probably. Lots to do on the jug yet.

3d modelling

roomrender5web, originally uploaded by bernsul.

The modelling in maya is finally starting to come together. I am really enjoying texturing and lighting in particular. Still plenty of work to do on this and the whole process.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Overview of my experience of MPI104

I found the course interesting because my internet technology knowledge used to be reasonably good but the technology has changed and the way people use the internet is changing as well. I saw this as a first step to rebuilding my knowledge and professional practice. For me the best part of the course was getting together a reasonable blog, as well as starting flickr and delicious accounts. I can see how the blog in particular can be a useful platform for an animator and I notice that many animators have blogs for promotion and as information and general communication sites. Delicious is proving useful and I am using it for my assignments as well as other bits and pieces I come across. Flickr is great as I needed to get my photos together for display and this has been a good start. I will continue to develop flickr and step by step upload more artwork and photos. As well as the refresher on html, I found my own investigations into css and html5 something that I will use and experiment with in the near future. It was useful to delve into rss feeds as a means to enhance websites and this is knowledge I will use in the future. Iweb was a revelation in how flexible and straightforward it is to use. I would still prefer dreamweaver, obviously it can do more, but particularly because iweb recompressed the images I prepared, degrading them a little and made a couple of them considerably larger. I like how easy it is to set up a podcast with iweb. I would definitely recommend iweb to others without much internet skill. I particularly liked the work around of moving the domain file to make it more flexible. Using fetch after not using it for ten years was liking meeting an old friend (or pet really I guess). Technorati, seems to be a useful site for building a successful blog. (For some reason technorati is rejecting my blog at present, not regarding my feed information as valid, I spent a day trying to sort it out.) I joined technorati's blog critics and may come back to it in the future at some stage. The state of the blogosphere reports are interesting as well.
The course has been of great assistance in rebuilding my familiarity with the way the internet is operating. Looking forward to going more into this subject next semester.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

About Facebook

For all facebook users. I came across this article today. There is a growing movement to quit facebook because of privacy concerns. I don't need to quit facebook as most people know.

Even someone as into internet openness as Cory Doctorow (fiction writer) has quit it.

Monday, 31 May 2010

butterfly on bark

butterfly4, originally uploaded by bernsul.

I have added a few photos to my flckr site of these butterflies on a beautiful background. I took the photo in a village called La Mesa, on a plateau surrounded by mountains and beautiful view in Colombia. There were hummingbirds about the same size as this butterfly there, but they were too quick.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

feeds added

Technorati state of the blogosphere feed and a feed to my delicious account are now on this blog at the bottom of the page. I put two feeds that kind of fit with the site.


Technorati is a search engine that searches blogs and rates them with a value it calls "authority".

To have your blog considered register and submit it for inclusion at technorati.

To rate a blog Technorati makes use of analysis of the number of blogs linking to the blog, as well as tags on the blog which set up the way technorati categorises information. (from wikipedia).

Each year Technorati publish a report called "State of the Blogosphere" which aims to give a series of statistics, interviews and general information about blogging:

A good example of the statistics is this article which suggests that to have a successful blog it is a good idea to post about 300 posts a month!